2. Build Lifestyle

Create A Vision Board

A vision board will help you organize your thoughts, ideas, and visuals. If you keep visualizing the same things, it is more likely to become your reality. We attract the things we think about, talk about, and act on. So make sure it's really what you want.

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2.1 Ideal Home

Home is where the heart is, most of your lifestyle will probably revolve around your home. Make it your sanctuary, the place where you recharge and create the best version of yourself. Maybe your ideal home would consist of a meditation or creative room, maybe an office would be ideal, or maybe just a clean organized space will make you comfortable. Think about what would make your ideal home, and how you can make it happen, even if it's one tiny step at a time.


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Dream Locations

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2.2 Ideal Relationships

Relationships are all about bringing your best self forward and learning the balance of give and take. If this balance is disrupted it may be a relationship that is on it's way out or one that needs diligent care.

The only thing you can change in a relationship is you, your approach, and your understanding. This includes communication and action.

Learning the love languages can help you improve your relationships and understand what it is you want from love and what other people may want from love. There are many tools you can use so it doesn't seem like a dark path forward.


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2.3 Ideal Work & Money


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2.4 Ideal Travels

Where is your home away from home, where do you like to go, where do you want to go? There are so many places to go in the world, which places align with your visions, goals, and ideals? Think about conferences or retreats for our favorite activities, or just plain relaxation destinations. Is there someone you have been dying to take a class or workshop from, but they're far away? Plan for it!

Favorite Places To Go

Where are my favorite places to go, the places that make me feel good? Where do I want to spend my time?

What places make me feel calm, energized, happy, or whatever else it is that I want to feel?

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2.5 Ideal Body

Many times we forget or fail to realize what we already love about ourselves because we get so focused on what we don't like about ourselves. Yes, it's important to make the changes you desire, but don't forget to compliment what you already like. This positive frame of mind can help us to feel good about ourselves, because feeling bad about ourselves will only attract more negative thoughts and feelings.

When you like something about yourself make sure you highlight those areas, if you love your teeth, smile big and wide. If you love your height, wear clothes that highlight your height.

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2.6 Ideal Style

How do I want to come across to people on first impression? What qualities do I want to display? How can I highlight the things I love about my body?

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