The goal of this workbook is to identify who we are by understanding our values, goals, priorities and habits. After we have identified our own unique framework, we can then build a lifestyle that feels balanced and true to who we are.

Fulfilling and balancing all areas of life is the never-ending challenge of our lifetime.
Each area of life needs consistent attention, and the easiest ways to automate a feeling of balance is to identify and build habits.

The beauty yet problem with modern life is that there are many distractions, billions of things to think, say and do. We can easily avoid the basics, going down a rabbit hole of the unnecessary, neglecting the most important aspects of life.

During the process of purifying our lifestyle, we face tough decisions; ie. what stays and what goes? Does this contribute to or hinder the balance of who I am and what I am trying to create?



You may be familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy, a pyramid that dissects the basic areas of life. Generally it is said you must master the bottom tiers, before mastering the latter, eventually ending with realizing your full potential and recognizing who you truly are.

However once you move through the pyramid with a clear idea of how you specifically bring balance to each tier, you’ll realize there is no end, it is a continuous cycle, with variables constantly changing.

Most likely when you start your journey you’ll wonder, where do I start? Start with finding yourself the purest food, the purest water, the purest air, and the most comfortable shelter. If you have a cracked foundation it could hinder the other areas of life.

If you have gone through the entire hierarchy, go back over all the tiers and make sure everything is aligned with your goals, values, and priorities.

Read more about Maslow’s Hierarchy to have a better understanding… Simply Psychology | Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

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