11 Ways To Be An Earth Friendly Household

Earth Friendly Ideas

The #globalclimatestrike is happening tomorrow, March 15th 2019! I saw it fitting to write this article to support the cause. A majority of us want to be friendlier to Earth, but not everyone knows exactly how.  Let’s zone in on the area of household habits and replace all the plastic bottles, paper towels and single-use items that we continuously use …


100 Ways to Improve Your Lifestyle Today

125 ways to improve your lifestyle

In this post we’ll cover 100 things you can do to improve your lifestyle. Improving, or as we like to call it “purifying”, your lifestyle is relative to your personal likes and dislikes, therefore not every suggestion is for you. Do what makes you feel happy, do what stands out, do what grabs your attention and full focus. Some things on this …

How To Recreate Your Lifestyle

How to Recreate Your Lifestyle

Have you been wanting to clear out your old habits and all the things that are weighing you down, holding you back, or simply not working? Are you having trouble reaching your goals because of so many unnecessary things in your life? Do you need to change or simply tweak your habits to better suit your new goals or outlook …