Lifestyle Courses & Journals

An online journal to help you plan and organize the details of your lifestyle.

Identify Self

Start the journey by asking questions such as: Who am I and what do I value?


 Create Lifestyle

Visualize frameworks that help organize and fulfill all areas of life.


Pure Lifestyle Course

Take this course to find your ideal lifestyle.

Pure Balance

Our courses ensure a balanced exploration of different frameworks that help you visualize and take action in the different areas of life.

We use a reinterpretation of Maslow's Hierarchy, the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, and numbers to explore natural rhythms that help us establish sustainable habits, making it easier to achieve our goals.

Easily navigate through the best tools and resources to purify your lifestyle from unwanted and unnecessary elements.

This is a free course, gain inspiration now!


Maslow's Hierarchy

This framework helps us to prioritize our goals. It suggests we must typically address lower-level needs before advancing to higher-level ones, and achieving self-actualization represents reaching our fullest potential.


8 Dimensions of Wellness

This tool allows us to visually assess the allocation of our energy across different facets of life. Are our goals and habits sufficiently distributed in each dimension? Join us in achieving equilibrium and fulfillment across the multifaceted aspects of our journey."


Pure Balance Course

Take this course to be inspired on how to integrate balance and rhythm into every aspect of our lives.





Transform your habits with the Habits Journal. Uncover and comprehend every facet of your habits, paving the way to replace them with ones that resonate with your goals, values, and priorities. The detailed questions are meticulously laid out—simply track your progress



Clarify your ambitions, understand the purpose they serve in your life, and outline the initial steps for success with the Goals Journal. Achieve precision in your goals, and ensure they align seamlessly with your values and priorities through regular self-assessment



Discover your ideal foods with the Food Journal. Track what makes you feel great or not-so-great, and get valuable insights from your stats. Create meal plans, budgets, shopping lists, and more!



Craft and schedule your fitness routines with the Fitness Journal. Easily incorporate routines from the web by adding links to your daily schedule for convenient access anytime, empowering you to stay committed and achieve your fitness goals



Inspiration is laid out in every corner of the site.

Capture recurring thoughts, ideas, and dreams with the Inspiration Journal, giving you a dedicated space to track and manifest your creative vision



Make a detailed pros and cons lists with point values, to make informed choices that align with your goals and values.



Elevate your well-being with the Gratitude Journal. Capture moments of gratitude and revisit them regularly, cultivating a positive mindset as we reflect on the things we're thankful for, fostering a habit of appreciation in our daily life.



Track symptoms, experiment with remedies, and build a valuable Remedies Journal. Our best resource for understanding and addressing our body's signals effectively is one created by ourselves and inspired by others.

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