Esteem is a natural result of the succeeding sections. When you improve the quality of your basic needs, build your safety net, face fears, improve your relationship with yourself and others, and build a sense of community; you’re self esteem, confidence, strength, recognition and social status will benefit.

Strength & Confidence

Strength and confidence will come naturally as you master the lower tiers.

When you need a boost of confidence try these tips from around the web.

Social Status & Recognition

When you act with confidence, work on your leadership skills, build your community through acts of kindness, and overall build yourself, the community will start to notice and you will get the recognition you deserve sooner or later.

However there are some ways to boost your credibility within the community.


  • Work on your self map or personal workbook
  • Build your personal brand.
  • Create quality content or services.
  • Build your social media platforms.
  • Build a blog/website to host your content and personal brand.