an intense feeling of deep affection.

“Everything worth having costs something, and the price of true love is self-knowledge.” -Unknown

Love Myself

I love you the way I love myself.

  • How do I show myself love?
  • How do I express my love?
  • How do I receive love?
  • Do I express myself clearly?
  • I love myself because I am….
  • I love the way I….
  • Create the best version of yourself to present to others.
  • Build leadership skills
  • Build emotional intelligences.
  • Recognize fear vs. love based emotions.
  • Build social/relationship skills
  • Learn the 5 love languages; what is your love language, what is your partner’s love language, what is the love language of the people you love?


the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other.

In a relationship there are only 2 things you can control.

  1. The way you present yourself; the things you say and do.
  2. The way you react to what the other person says and does.

The best way to improve your relationships, is to improve yourself. The right people will come into your life at the right time when you focus on being the best version of yourself you can be.


Feeling like you belong somewhere brings about more love into your life. The more love you give to yourself, the more you can love others, the more others love you.


  • Where do I feel like I belong?
  • What do I enjoy doing that I could do with others?
  • How can I give a little bit of myself to the community?
  • How can I make wherever I am little bit better?