We all fear for our safety and the safety of others, wether its physical, mental, or emotional. The safety tier consists of anything that makes you feel secure and comfortable.

If we feel insecure or uncomfortable it would be wise to evaluate each aspect of our safety tier.

Understand that being comfortable in life; free from “dis”ease, financially secure, etc., means making choices that may be different from our standard routine. This may prove to be uncomfortable. Therefor balance is always the key to success.

We can’t change everything about our life in one day, that would make us extremely uncomfortable and therefor unable to move forward with agility. An agile body and an agile mind will help us through the uncomfortable spaces and into more comfort, therefor allowing us to continue moving forward.

However, life isn’t always about moving forward, once we get a better grasp of our safety tier, we can then go back and re-evaluate our survival tier.

Health & Well-being

Our health provides us with safety, eliminates many fears, and is therefore necessary for a fulfilling lifestyle.

Health is also a direct result of mastering the first tier Survival. You know you’ve mastered your survival skills if you are healthy.

Our immune system is capable of fighting off some of the toughest illnesses when properly equipped. When we’ve indulged a bit too much, or our immune system has become compromised, herbal remedies can be a wonderful second line of defense.

Fitness is also an incredible defense, and improves the comfort and quality of your life. When you have strength, flexibility, endurance and balance, everyday things become easier. Fitness improves almost every aspect of our lives in different ways. See how fitness relates to each section of Maslow’s Hierarchy for a fresh perspective.

Physical Training and Maslow’s Hierarchy

Herbal Remedies

Life is all about balance, there will be times that you follow your new healthy habits, and there will be times when you slip into old habits. It’s okay to step on the wild side every now and again, our bodies are extremely resilient.

But when we’ve gone a little too far, our body will start to send warning signs, aka symptoms. When “dis”ease strikes, don’t freak out, be prepared and have your arsenal ready.

Many natural remedies are extremely simple, some a little bit more advanced. It is advised that you do your research, learn all that you can so you don’t make any crucial mistakes.

Please know that some natural remedies interact poorly with prescription drugs, please consult a professional before trying anything you are unsure of.



Plant matter can be infused into water or oil which can then be used internally or externally.

Water Infusion

Mainly used for drinking like tea.

HOW TO: Typically 1 cup herbs to 1 quart boiling water, steeped for 8 hours.

Oil Infusions

Used for cooking, massage oil, lip balms; face, hair, or body moisturizer, and soaps.


First off, if you are looking to increase your fitness, almost any workout routine that you find will help you as long as you put in the work and stay diligent. However it is extremely important to remember balance, all areas of the body must strengthened and stretched in proper form to maintain proper alignment.

When you a chief a fitness goal you will not only be fulfilling your safety tier you will also build you confidence in the esteem tier. Fitness gets more enjoyable when you have strength and confidence.

If you read the above article, Physical Training and Maslow’s Hierarchy, you’ll realize the fitness aspect of life can be ingrained in many different areas of life, mainly depending on your goals, values and priorities.

Look For
  • A fitness activity that is fun for you.
  • Motivators – People who inspire you.
  • A community activity (builds upon the next tier Love)
  • Build and schedule fitness routines.
  • Balance routine with:
    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Cardio/Endurance
    • Balance/Coordination

Freedom From Fears

One of the greatest challenges of life is facing fears, facing our demons, facing the darkness; however you want to say it.

The best way to face our fears is to know our fears inside and out. To submerge ourselves into the darkness and get to know ever corner.

If you have financial fears, the best thing you can do is learn as much as you can about finances, dive head first into the subjects you fear. Fear is usually just the unknown.

Until it’s not, fears cannot be contained into one thought provoking sentence. You can know your fear of spiders, you can fear them every time you see them, but getting to know every aspect of your fears is the best way to dissolve them, until you move on to the next.



  • What do I fear?
  • Why do I fear __________?
  • Do I know every aspect of the thing I fear?
  • How do I choose to face my fears?

Financial Security

Job security goes hand in hand with financial security. The work we do determines the wages we earn. Money is the necessary evil that gives us more freedom to do the things we want to do. Of course there are many ways to enjoy life without the need for an abundance of money. But let’s face it, money buys us better tools, supplies, and help, to do better work, to make a better contribution to the world.

If we don’t put out value into the world, we can’t expect to get much value back in return, no matter how diligently we practice the law of attraction.

Money opens up our choices, but with so many choices it’s hard to make the right decision, the one that aligns with our goals, values, and priorities. Luckily if you’ve done the ground work you should have a pretty good idea of how to create more abundance for yourself and your family.


  • Where do I spend my money?
  • How can I spend my money more wisely and sustainably?
  • How can I work more efficiently?
  • How can I provide higher value?
  • What do I need to learn to be of higher value?
  • Do I deserve higher pay, and how do I negotiate it?
  • Would I be more comfortable working from home?
  • Would I feel more secure or comfortable as an employee or as an entrepreneur?