How To Recreate Your Lifestyle

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Have you been wanting to clear out your old habits and all the things that are weighing you down, holding you back, or simply not working? Are you having trouble reaching your goals because of so many unnecessary things in your life? Do you need to change or simply tweak your habits to better suit your new goals or outlook on life? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re ready to recreate, or purify, your lifestyle.

A lifestyle is like a puzzle, first you have to identify all the pieces, then you organize them and put them together one piece at a time until it eventually makes a cohesive picture, or in other terms, your envisioned life

What does it mean to purify your lifestyle?

Purifying your lifestyle involves clearing out the old unsatisfying elements of your life and replacing them with satisfying elements. Some of those elements include, values, priorities, goals, habits, self image, and expectations. A lot of times we get stuck in an old routine that served us well for a long time, but maybe we’ve already reached that goal, or are still struggling to reach a goal we set some time ago. If you feel stuck or heavy, its time to revaluate every aspect of your life, and its time to start building a new routine that helps you align with your current situation, which is constantly changing.

There are many different factors to take into account when reshaping your habits and routines. The biggest question is “Where do I start?”

Question every part of your day and at the end of that day, reflect on your day. Ask yourself simple questions like what are my values, my priorities, my goals? Did my actions today match any of these things? Then if you want to go deeper, sign up for a membership and keep all your answers in one convenient dashboard, free for you to edit at any time to reflect your current situation.

A membership includes a bunch of questions within each topic to help you clearly and thoroughly identify yourself and your ideal lifestyle. Each module goes deeper and consists of thought provoking questions and examples to help you get started. The goal is to realize where you are currently, where you want to be, and what needs to change in almost every aspect of your life.

Let’s go deeper into some of the elements of your lifestyle you’ll want to explore.

1. Identify Self

If you ask enough questions, you’re bound to find the answers you seek.

I am

Your first step is to identify who you are and what you want.

I am statements can be incredibly useful, start thinking positively about yourself and who you are by repeating positive I am statements. For example “I am strong.” “I am kind and loving.” “I am a go-getter.” “I am peaceful.” Find the things you are now, or the things you want to be in the future.


What do you value, what is most important to you at this moment? Do you value free-time, money, relationships, beauty, cleanliness, or intelligence? What makes you feel good about your life and where you’re going. Do some of the things you think you value really matter in the big picture?

Values can also become conflicting, and must then be carefully blended together to create the best outcome. One of the biggest conflicting values of our society is time, money and quality. In many situations, one must be sacrificed for the other, for instance, you want to save money but the more money you save the less quality you receive or vice versa. Then we have time & money, you want to save money but you don’t have the time, or you don’t want to take the time, to build the skills you would need to save you money, such as cooking. Eating out loses you money, but cooking for yourself loses you time, especially if you don’t particularly enjoy cooking. Again one must be sacrificed for the other.


What is most important to you, where will you spend most of your time, energy, and resources? It’s important to know exactly what matters most, so you can spend your valuable time on the things that matter.


What do you enjoy doing? What makes you happy and fulfills you? Hobbies can help you clear your mind of all the mundane tasks of life, and gives you something to look forward to once all the important stuff is taken care of. If a hobby is a priority, make sure to add it to your priority list, and your calendar, so you actually make time to do it.

If you ever find that you are bored, maybe its time to find some new hobbies that engage you mentally, physically, or spiritually.  Or maybe you don’t have a lot of extra time to get bored, but you often find yourself stressed. A good hobby would be meditation, or anything that helps you clear your mind and relax. The less stressed and worn out you are, the more productive you can be which can, in the long run, save you time.


What are you good at, what do want to be good at? Do your skills align with your values? For example; Do you value money and want to save money doing things yourself? Maybe you could skip calling the repair man for simple easy fixes and learn to do it yourself. Be aware that certain values indicate that you should learn some new skills. Maybe these skills will even turn into hobbies. another example would be, you eat out a lot which is also putting a dent in your account, so build your cooking skills and learn how to cook for yourself. There are so many skills in the world that can help you save money. So whatever your values are, build skills to help you live out your values everyday.

2. Create Lifestyle

Your next step will be figuring out what your ideal life is. Once you’ve made a rough draft on everything we mentioned above, go back over everything, fitting the pieces together and making one clear picture.

Visualize all aspects of your life. What do you expect, and what do you have? How have your past actions, habits and routines influenced your life?

The first step to creating your ideal life is knowing exactly what you want, then figuring out what steps need to be taken to get you there. If your values, priorities, and actions don’t line up with your visuals, take a step back and try to fit the pieces together better.

Everything fits together, the more details you have about your ideal life, the clearer everything will be. When your ideal life is clear and you have direct focus and attention, goals can be attained easily and effortlessly. It’s when you are blind to your self and your ideals that things become dark and hard to figure out.

Again you can write all this stuff down on a piece of paper in a simple manner, or sign up for a membership and get access to a bunch of thought provoking questions within each topic to help you clearly and thoroughly identify your ideal life.

3.Recreate Habits

The next steps involve examining your actions more thoroughly by observing and replacing specific habits. Habits can be anything from where and how you do your shopping, to how you store your food. Tweaking these habits can help you with goals such as saving money, keeping you healthier, losing weight, creating relationships and so much more.

Your habits are repeating thoughts, words or actions. All these things create your life so it’s very important that you thoroughly understand your habits so that you can either replace them completely, or replace them with something similar. To get more in depth sign up for a membership or check out Charles Duhigg’s book on habits called “Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life and In Business

Identify Specific Habits

Create Macro Routines

There are a lot of things you need to accomplish every week, but if you don’t have a routine you could find that not everything is getting done. Maybe you never worked your hobby into your routine, so you find yourself going back to your old routine of watching tv for hours on end. Maybe you enjoy relaxing but you don’t necessarily feel fulfilled after binge watching a tv show. Sometimes a hobby can be done while dong an existing routine, like binge watching a tv show while, for instance, drawing, knitting, puzzling or even cooking. But if you value peace and quiet, maybe you’d prefer doing these things by themselves.

There are so many intricacies to the way you go about your day, your job is to find what makes perfect sense for you and your ideal life.


These are just a few of the things you can do to start recreating your lifestyle. Other elements include your food, fitness, and organizational habits. All these things are outlined in your dashboard once you sign up for a membership. Or you can work step by step with even more information and resources through the courses.

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If you’d like personalized help with recreating your purified lifestyle, contact me and we’ll schedule one on one time so I can help you further.

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