125 ways to improve your lifestyle

100 Ways to Improve Your Lifestyle Today

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In this post we’ll cover 100 things you can do to improve your lifestyle. Improving, or as we like to call it “purifying”, your lifestyle is relative to your personal likes and dislikes, therefore not every suggestion is for you. Do what makes you feel happy, do what stands out, do what grabs your attention and full focus. Some things on this list are general, some more specific, and some have examples.

We also have a learn section, full of resources that give inspiration on how you can fulfill each area life using Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. We highly recommend gaining inspiration, taking action, and journaling your experiences to help you even further on your journey, just more ways you can organize your lifestyle.

  1. Evaluate your values.
  2. Realign your priorities.
  3. Set short term and long term goals.
  4. Create and reevaluate your to-do list frequently.
  5. Build your skills.
  6. Take time for hobbies and activities you enjoy.
  7. Eat more foods from nature.
  8. Remove excess processed junk foods from your diet.
  9. Workout, get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes a day.
  10. Soak in sunshine and get your Vitamin D.
  11. Hold yourself accountable for your goals.
  12. Try a new routine, break apart from your same old habits.
  13. Repeat positive “I am statements.” “I am strong, thankful, grateful and truly blessed.”
  14. Create a food budget.
  15. Create or find a meal plan and shopping list that works for you.
  16. Keep a food journal.
  17. Test yourself for allergies.
  18. Create or find a fitness plan that you enjoy.
  19. Keep a fitness journal.
  20. Keep a habit journal.
  21. Form new relationships
  22. Build communication and relationship skills.
  23. Plant your bare feet in the sand, grass or dirt to ground yourself.
  24. Read part of a book or an article everyday.
  25. Learn something new everyday.
  26. Try a new activity.
  27. Refresh your memory and/or skills.
  28. List all the reasons why you are thankful.
  29. Accomplish at least one important task a day.
  30. Reward yourself for completing an important task or goal.
  31. Surround yourself with more positive people and less negative people.
  32. Visualize your ideal life and the steps to get you there.
  33. Create a vision board.
  34. Understand your expectations thoroughly.
  35. Find natural remedies for common ailments.
  36. Go for a walk in nature and enjoy your senses; smell, touch, listen, see, and sometimes you can even taste.
  37. Sit by water and enjoy nature.
  38. Go on a trip near or far for however long you need to recharge.
  39. Make a list of activities your family wants to do together.
  40. Drink a gallon of pure water a day.
  41. Meditate, clear your mind and let the thoughts come to you.
  42. Sing a song, bob your head, tap your feet, enjoy rhythm.
  43. Increase your flexibility, stretch all your muscles while taking deep breaths.
  44. Practice mindful breathing throughout the day.
  45. Join a new community or group.
  46. Improve upon one thing in your life this week.
  47. Do something nice for someone you know.
  48. Do something nice for a stranger.
  49. Play with an animal or a child and enjoy their company.
  50. Declutter and reorganize your most frequently used spaces.
  51. Use your imagination and create something artistic.
  52. Find, read, watch, listen touch or taste inspiration.
  53. Start a personal journal.
  54. Clean the air you breath.
  55. Take a class or workshop to increase your knowledge or skills.
  56. Sign up for a purified lifestyle membership.
  57. Plant a garden.
  58. Eat or make food using different ingredients.
  59. Learn about astrology and read your natal chart.
  60. Volunteer for a charity or group.
  61. Get a massage.
  62. Automate some mundane tasks in your life.
  63. Make and cross off items on your bucket list.
  64. Conquer a fear.
  65. Remove chemicals from your cleaning habits.
  66. Learn about all the uses of essential oils.
  67. Organize and improve on your finances in 3 small ways.
  68. Start a small fun project; a puzzle, painting, DIY project, etc.
  69. Enjoy the benefits of a cold shower.
  70. Play mind games or watch brain games.
  71. Take a free online course on something that interests you.
  72. Find and follow people and websites that share your interests and keep you inspired.
  73. Take pictures of your life, especially progress photos of your goals.
  74. Complete a workbook.
  75. Learn an instrument.
  76. Learn a new recipe.
  77. Write down your dreams and contemplate their meaning.
  78. Sleep as much as you need to feel your best.
  79. Clean your house or car.
  80. Swim in a natural body of water.
  81. Visit a sauna or steam room.
  82. Build your strength, lift weights or do exercises that require body weight.
  83. Donate some of your material items.
  84. Shop at local small businesses.
  85. Buy your food from farmers.
  86. Create yourself a sanctuary.
  87. Plan to go on a vacation once a year.
  88. Keep more oxygen producing plants in your home.
  89. Share your ideas with a group of people, close friends or a stranger.
  90. Before judging, put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
  91. Play a group or solo sport/game.
  92. Clear out and unsubscribe to emails you don’t want anymore.
  93. Organize your files and photos.
  94. Do a special dinner or date night once a week.
  95. Plan an outdoor activity once a week.
  96. Eat more greens.
  97. Drink more pure water.
  98. Wear gemstones that hold meaning or value. Gemstone Meanings
  99. Throw a celebration with every improvement and goal conquered.
  100. For more ideas check out the Purified Lifestyle Pinterest boards.

There you have it, 100 ways you can improve your lifestyle today. Now take action! 🙂

100 Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle

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