Staying up too late

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Old Habit


unfulfilled and unproductive


Wanting to get work done without the kids around and distractions.


I stay up too late because I want to keep pushing.

Outside Influences

I have kids that I homeschool, and so therefor my work time during the day is very limited.


When I stay up late. the next day I feel too tired.

Entire Routine

It’s night time, we put the kids to bed and then I go to work. I stay up until midnight, having to wake up the next morning with the kids at 6am.

New Habit

Replacement Method

Replace action with something similar 

New Action 

I will carve out more dedicated time on the weekends, and scheduled quiet time each day to get a few hours of work in.

New Routine

Test Replacement Routines

Everyday at 1pm to 3pm will be quiet time where the kids pick an activity such as reading, painting, drawing, building, stretching, or listening to music on their headphones.

This habit fulfills these tiers

Esteem – Confidence, Strength, Recognition & Social Status, Self-Actualization – Realizing Full Potential & Self Fulfillment

This habit fulfills these dimensions

Intellectual – Hobbies, Skills & Education, Occupational – Personal Performance & Helping Others

Amanda Nicole Smith