Staying up too late

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Old Habit




Wanting to be productive and have alone time.


I stay up too long until 12am.

Outside Influences

The kids have constant needs throughout the day and I am unable to have time to work.


When I stay up too late I feel tired the next day and unable to meet everyone’s needs as easily and the next night I am unable to stay up even for just an hour to get work done.

Entire Routine

It’s 8pm we are putting the kids to sleep, sometimes it takes until 9pm. I start working at 9:30 and stay up until 12am. The next morning, it is hard for me to get up and fulfill all my responsibilities. That night I fall asleep with the kids and no work gets done.

New Habit

Replacement Method

Replace action with something similar 

New Action 

I will stay up until 10:30pm at the latest. I will also schedule quiet time in the house where I can get an hour or two of work done during th day.

New Routine

Test Replacement Routines

Set alarm for 10:30 to go to sleep.
Set alram for quiet time in the house after lunch for 1-2 hours. Set the kids up with books, quiet games, building activities, or simple art.

This habit fulfills these tiers

Esteem – Confidence, Strength, Recognition & Social Status, Self-Actualization – Realizing Full Potential & Self Fulfillment

This habit fulfills these dimensions

Intellectual – Hobbies, Skills & Education, Occupational – Personal Performance & Helping Others, Spiritual – Meaning & Purpose

Amanda Nicole Smith