Eating unhealthy fast food

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Old Habit


hungry & tired


call the pizza place and get it


I feel hungry shortly after, my stomach hurts, and I generally don’t feel my best.

Entire Routine

It’s dinner time, after a long day at work, all I want to do is get the family fed and relax, so I go with the quickest and easiest option.

New Habit

Replacement Method

Completely replace action 

New Action 

I will make food on the weekends that are easy to prep. Or make a crockpot meal in the morning.

New Routine

Test Replacement Routines

Plan meal plans, shopping lists and budget on Sunday.
Make a few meals ahead of time for super busy days.
On work days, pick up kids, go home and prepare simple meals from meal plan or reheat pre-made meals right away.

This habit fulfills these tiers

This habit fulfills these dimensions

Amanda Nicole Smith