Stay consistent with my fitness routine

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Priority: High


I want to bond with the kids and feel my best. Every time I do my flexible strength routines I feel energized and my body feels good.

Who, what, where and when?

With my kids.
At home in our open space with music.
In the evening with our fun colorful lights.

look for Success =

We do this at least 5 times a week for at least 15 minutes a day.

Action Action

Step 1

Every night, 1 hour after eating dinner, we turn on our workout music.

Step 2

We start with cardio, then we do our strength exercises.

Step 3

Lastly we cool down with long stretches and yoga poses.

This goal fulfills these tiers

Esteem – Confidence, Strength, Recognition & Social Status, Love – Belonging, Community & Relationships, Safety – Health/Wellbeing, Financial & Security

This goal fulfills these dimensions

Physical – Health & Fitness, Social – Relationships


Amanda Nicole Smith