Create a lifestyle instrument

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Priority: High


I want to help people find a way of life that makes them feel truly fulfilled.

Who, what, where and when?

I want to help anyone who wants to create a life they truly desire.
This journey will bring a tremendous amount of fulfillment in multiple areas of life for myself and others.
I will complete this goal in 2025 but I will forever be adding and fine-tuning this goal.

look for Success =

People comment how much this tool has helped them create the life they feel truly happy with.

Action Action

Step 1

Learn every skill necessary. Listen to what people want, ask questions. Write down my findings.

Step 2

Build the program, make it beautiful and user-friendly.

Step 3

Share with everyone!

This goal fulfills these tiers

Esteem – Confidence, Strength, Recognition & Social Status, Love – Belonging, Community & Relationships, Self-Actualization – Realizing Full Potential & Self Fulfillment

This goal fulfills these dimensions

Emotional – Self Awareness & Self Esteem, Intellectual – Hobbies, Skills & Education, Occupational – Personal Performance & Helping Others, Social – Relationships


Amanda Nicole Smith