Eat more raw foods

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Priority: High


I want to feel vibrant and know that my body is getting the nutrition it needs.

Who, what, where and when?

Every Friday I meal plan and find 3 raw vegan recipes I want to eat that week. Every other day will be eating my favorite raw veggies as is; carrot sticks, red peppers, fermented pickles, etc.
Every Saturday I go to the farmers market to get the most nutritious vegetables from farmers I trust.

look for Success =

I feel energized, full, and satisfied.

Action Action

Step 1

Find recipes that look appetizing. I like finding new recipes because I am adventurous and get bored with the same thins too many times in a row.

Step 2

Buy the ingredients to make the recipes.

Step 3

Follow through and make the recipe.

This goal fulfills these tiers

Survival – Clean Air, Pure Water, Nutritious Food & Comfortable Shelter

This goal fulfills these dimensions

Physical – Health & Fitness


Amanda Nicole Smith