Day 12 | Septernity

The number 7 represents the seven days of the week and the seven chakras. Let's explore how we can assign meaning and balance to each paradigm.

Balancing chakras is vital as it ensures the free flow of energy throughout the body, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When these energy centers are balanced, it fosters harmony, vitality, and a sense of equilibrium within oneself, aiding in overall health and mindfulness.
Aligning with the rhythm of the seven days involves acknowledging each day's unique energy and attributes. This might involve assigning specific intentions, activities, or focuses to each day, allowing for a balanced flow throughout the week. For instance, Monday could signify new beginnings, while Sunday may represent relaxation and rejuvenation, creating a rhythm that supports various aspects of life and enhances productivity and well-being.


Balancing your chakras, or energy centers, involves recognizing their presence, understanding their attributes, and taking actions to address imbalances. Here's a summary of how to balance each chakra:

Crown Chakra

Crown - Wisdom - Connection to the Divine

  • Unbalanced signs: Headaches, inability to focus, seeking or creating drama, unempathetic.
  • Actions: Meditate, volunteer, write in your gratitude journal, practice being upside down.

Third Eye Chakra

Brow - Intuition - Imagination

  • Unbalanced signs: Headaches, lack of intuition, overactive or underactive imagination.
  • Actions: Listen to your body, journal your dreams.

Throat Chakra

Throat - Communication - Expression

  • Unbalanced signs: Throat, jaw, teeth, and neck problems, talking too much or not enough, inability to express truths.
  • Actions: Sing, practice silence, listen to others (songs, poems), drink herbal tea.

Heart Chakra

Heart - Love

  • Unbalanced signs: Problems with upper back and chest, lack of compassion, feeling a lack of love, unable to receive love.
  • Actions: Breathe deeply, open windows, go outside for fresh air, give more love and kindness to yourself and others, read about the 5 love languages, stretch your chest, upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus - Sense of Self

  • Unbalanced signs: Problems with abdominals, stomach, digestion, low self-esteem, overinflated ego, inability to commit and follow through with goals.
  • Actions: Feel the warmth of the sun, be near fire, strengthen your core, eat easy-to-digest food.

Sacral Chakra

Sacral - Emotions - Creativity

  • Unbalanced signs: Problems with lower back and hips, emotional overwhelm, lack of creativity, issues surrounding sex.
  • Actions: Drink more water, go for a swim, listen to water in nature, stretch your lower back and hips.

Root Chakra

Root - Home - Safety

  • Unbalanced signs: Problems with feet and legs, feeling stuck, insecure, anxious, chaotic home life, difficulty making decisions.
  • Actions: Go for a hike, stretch your feet and legs, eat fruits and veggies - food straight from the earth.

Balancing your chakras involves paying attention to both the physical and emotional aspects of your well-being. These actions can help restore balance and harmony within your body and mind.

7 Days of the week

Associating meaning and a specific energy to each day can guide our activities or mindset for each day, fostering balance and rhythm throughout the week.

  1. Monday: Start fresh, new beginnings, setting intentions, planning.
    • This day marks the start of a new cycle, encouraging fresh beginnings and the opportunity to set intentions for the week ahead. It's an ideal time for planning and organizing, creating a roadmap for your goals and tasks, allowing us to begin on a clear and focused note.
  2. Tuesday: Energy, action, motivation, productivity.
    • Known for its energy and action-oriented nature, Tuesday invites motivation and productivity. It's a day to tackle tasks head-on, harnessing the energy to make progress on projects or goals, and to set things into motion.
  3. Wednesday: Communication, learning, intellectual pursuits.
    • Communication and learning take center stage on Wednesdays. It's an optimal time for engaging in intellectual pursuits, exchanging ideas, and enhancing our knowledge through learning, whether it's through reading, attending workshops, or engaging in discussions.
  4. Thursday: Expansion, growth, abundance, gratitude.
    • Thursday resonates with expansion, growth, and abundance. It's an opportunity to nurture gratitude for what we have while aiming for personal and professional growth. Embrace new opportunities, seek abundance, and express gratitude for the blessings in our life.
  5. Friday: Creativity, social connections, self-expression, relaxation.
    • As the gateway to the weekend, Friday represents a blend of creativity, social connections, and relaxation. Engage in creative pursuits, connect with friends and loved ones, express ourselves freely, and take some time to unwind and recharge.
  6. Saturday: Rest, rejuvenation, self-care, personal development.
    • This day encourages rest, rejuvenation, and self-care. It's an ideal time for relaxation, engaging in activities that nourish our mind and body, and dedicating moments to personal development, whether through hobbies, exercises, or self-reflection.
  7. Sunday: Reflection, spirituality, mindfulness, preparation for the week ahead.
    • Sunday offers a space for reflection, spirituality, and mindfulness. It's a day for introspection, contemplating our goals and achievements, engaging in spiritual practices or rituals that ground us, and preparing ourself mentally for the upcoming week.


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