Day 3 | Food Relationships

A way to remember how food makes you feel.

Favorite Foods

Take your time in determining what ingredients, recipes, or food groups are your favorite and wether they makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable.

Keep in mind the foods that make you feel comfortable will be considered your go-to healthy foods, and foods that make you feel uncomfortable will be your avoided unhealthy foods.

There is a fine line between what is healthy or unhealthy for your particular lifestyle.

Which foods make you feel comfortable and help you towards your goals? Don't think emotional "comfort foods", think mental and physical comfort foods, foods that put your mind and body at ease and make you think, "yes that's what I needed" and after you say "wow I feel satisfied!"

On the contrary, which foods make you feel uncomfortable or push you away from your goals; like bloat, indigestions, heart burn, or make you feel tired or too full?

List ingredients, recipes, food groups and or meals.

Favorite Foods


  • What foods do I crave on a regular basis?
  • Do these foods make me comfortable or uncomfortable after eating?
  • Can I make a healthier version of my favorite recipe, one that makes me comfortable?
  • Do my favorite foods align with my goals and values?
  • Is my favorite food more of a habit than a favorite? If so can I replace my habit with something similar or completely different?

My Favorite Foods

No Favorite Food Added Yet

Issues Related to Uncomfortable Food

Many discomforts can stem from food. Food contains the nutrients that are used to rebuild our body and our immune system. If we feed ourselves food with low nutrition our immune system can weaken, leaving us susceptible to bad bacteria and viruses that can take control of our body. A strong healthy immune system can withstand these common threats that are usually unavoidable.

What feelings or warning signals does your body send after eating a food you know makes you uncomfortable?


Do I feel...

  • A huge craving?
  • Hungry after just eating?
  • Stomach or gas pain?
  • Indigestion or heartburn?
  • Loss of energy, weakness?
  • Loss of clarity, brain fog?
  • Headaches?
  • A rush, and then crash and burn?
  • Heavy, too full?
  • Stuffy, runny nose?
  • Sore itchy throat?
Example Remedies

Sometimes the solutions can be as simple as these examples, sometimes it's something more serious.

  • Eat less foods that are hard to digest; such as fats, sugars, processed wheat, soy, corn, and salt.
  • Drink more purified water to help flush out hard to digest foods.
  • Eat more good bacteria "probiotics" to fend off bad bacteria such as "candida".
  • Eat more fresh ingredients to provide nutrients for the body to optimally regenerate itself.
  • Learn ideal food combinations, poor food combinations make it harder for the body to digest.
  • Figure out if you're eating too much or too little, and recognize balance.
  • Finish "clearing out", before consuming more food; feed false hunger water or easy to digest foods.
  • Eliminate foods you are allergic too, wether it's mild or chronic.