Day 4 | Food Habits

Macro overview of current food routines.

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Define Habit

        1. a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.


  1. Problematic Habits: What frequent habits are causing me problems or pushing me away from my goals?

  2. Positive Habits: Conversely, what habits are serving me well and pushing me closer to my goals?

  3. Food Preparation: How do I prepare my foods, and could the preparation style change to better meet my goals?

  4. Eating Pace: Do I eat too fast, am I in a rush?

  5. Portion Awareness: Can I feel the difference between eating too much food or too little food?

  6. Social Influence: Do other people influence my routine?

  7. Meal Composition: What are the general food groups I eat at each mealtime?

  8. Discomfort: Do I eat too many foods that make me uncomfortable? Am I disciplined, can I avoid certain foods I know make me uncomfortable when urged?

  9. Food Waste: Do I waste food? Food=time & money, do I waste time and money?

  10. Decision Making: Am I lazy with my food choices?

  11. Cooking Skills: Have I learned and experimented with recipes and or cooking techniques?

  12. Food Accessibility: Where do I get my food, is it too convenient or too difficult that it pushes me away from my goals?

  13. Eating Environment: Where do I eat, at the table, on the couch, in a restaurant?

  14. Food Relationships: Do I have a relationship with the people that grow or cook my food?

  15. Quick Options: When I’m extremely hungry and need something quick, what do I usually reach for?

  16. Eating Out: When I need a meal and I’m out and about running errands, where do I go?

These questions will help you reflect on your personal food habits and provide insights into areas where you can make positive changes to align with your goals and values.



Identify Specific Habits

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