There is no one-way to start. However I can provide some suggestions.

  • If you don’t need structure, just fill out your dashboard to get a clearer picture of your lifestyle and your path forward.

→Look over the dashboard, add anything that comes to mind, wether thats goals, values, ideal life, or whatever catches your eye. What you input into your dashboard will also automatically input into your journals, and workbook and vice versa.

  • If you need to brush up on lifestyle topics,  and make sure you’re not neglecting an area of life, browse through the learn section first.

→Go to the learn section and browse through the different topics, start from the beginning; survival, or browse through the other tiers and learn whatever grabs your attention.

  • If you like structure and a step by step way of doing things, start with a workbook.

→The workbooks take you step by step and includes some of the details from the learn section, as well as the journals, but in an organized fashion. Start from the beginning of the food or personal workbooks for a more organized way of identifying, creating, and organizing your lifestyle.