Launch Date: March 20th

Dear Beautiful People,

I am so happy you are here. This is the announcement I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. I have been working on this project since 2012 and I am so happy to announce the launch of Purified Lifestyle.

I chose the spring equinox because springtime represents the birth of new life.

When I started building my new lifestyle in 2010, I had to search every question, dissect the search results to find the best expression of information. I learned that in order to learn a certain topic many sub topics needed to be learned first in order to get the grasp. It took me many many years to gather and evaluate all the information. There was so much I wanted to experiment with and when the results were unmistakable, all I wanted to do was share it with everyone I knew. Except I hadn’t developed a filter, in which I was able to clearly express the information. I decided to build a website that would house all of the information I learned in the most organized way I could imagine. All the thoughts and ideas that have been whirring around in my head is now laid out completely. Everything that I’ve ever wanted to master is included in this website with a way to easily organize your thoughts and ideas.

This project is my baby, it is a direct reflection of my thoughts from many hours of meditation, and countless hours searching for answers to the many questions burning in my head.