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Habit: Distraction


Constantly chasing the squirrel
Not finishing anything
Anxiety about missing/losing/forgetting things
Stress of multitaskng


Release from frustration, confusion or boredom


Use headphones for paperwork hour
Come in early or stay behind
Batch my time

Outside Influences 

My time is often dictated by the needs of others
Schedule/script changes


Not being able to answer questions
Looking incompetent
Going over budget

Entire Routine 

I come in with great intentions to get something done, the girls distract me with frivolities, priorities change, I respond to the immediate, I go home having been a busy fool but not done my job


Replacement Method Completely replace action 

New Action 

I will come in early (7.00am) and get my paperwork done, thus freeing me up for the days requirements, I will use headphones for this section of the day
I will set up a calendar to oversee deliveries and collections
I will distance myself from the girls a bit


Test Replacement Routines 

sign Up for ms 360 (30mins)

set up outlook (30 mins)

set up calendar (1 hr)

unsubscribe (30 mins)

Create a 1 hr playlist (30 mins)