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Habit: unproffessional behaviour at work


feeling out of my depth
feeling judged
imposter syndrome


looking for connection
wanting to look like I know


I start a low level conversation with someone acknowledging the issue and if they agree I jump on it and make it bigger than it needs to be.

Outside Influences 

anyone who agrees with me
People who are already struggling


It makes me look gossipy and judgemental
It makes the perception of the issue worse for everyone
It affects team morale
It can backfire quite badly

Entire Routine 

someone (usually above me) is doing my head in, i realise they are a problem for someone else so i make an opportunity to acknowledge the issue and if receptive I turn the target into a joke which then leads to the dark side being created. everyone feels worse and division lines are drawn.


Replacement Method Completely replace both craving and action 

New Craving 

look to make connections based on positive things like helpfulness or shared interests rather than uniting against a common enemy.
Find the learning opportunity in everyone


New Action 

I will keep secrets and hold information close to my chest
if will only vent in my TP network
I will become super helpful


Test Replacement Routines 

I will stop discussing my private life immediately