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Habit: Eating everything in front of me and still looking for more


using food as a stress reliever
using food as a boredom reliever
fear of missing out


all the carbs


i go looking for stuff to pick at
I go back for seconds
I pile it high

Outside Influences 

eating to match Vin
talking about my consumption as if its a badge of honour
Ursula’s diet of crap means crap in the house
work hours


gaining weight
not feeling great
not taking care of my nutritional needs

Entire Routine 

I am with others, there is crappy food available or just food, i boast about how much i can eat.
I cannot walk away from it, I help myself to massive servings, I go back for seconds. I also eat secretly things I am not meant to have. I feel shitty about it and full of regret. when i get on the scales I am annoyed and cannot bear how I look in clothes.


Replacement Method Completely replace action 

New Action 

I will talk about myself as a healthy eater.
I will do intermittent fasting.
I will plan my lunches and teas
I will carry water with me everywhere to keep me busy.
I will commit to quality over quantity (eat like a parisian)


Test Replacement Routines 

no breakfast

Lunch at work

teas i have already decided on

keep my fearne water bottle filled

1 slow cooker recipe / week (Tuesdays???)