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Habit: Eating sugar and drinking alcohol


Anxiousness, boredom, needing comfort and something to look forward to.


Chocolate, cake, bagels, candy, bread, rice crispy treats…


I have dessert and a drink after every dinner.

Outside Influences 

What is kept in the house.


Stomach discomfort, weight gain, sluggishness, inability to recover from fitness activity.

Entire Routine 

It’s just me and my daughter for dinner. We usually eat in front of the tv, because we both enjoy the opportunity to switch off. I usually eat a fairly healthy dinner but then I crave a drink and sweets. Unfortunately this habit is quite rewarding. The negative effects seem removed.


Replacement Method Completely replace action 

New Action 

Wow just just thinking about dinner at the table with no dessert or drink is depressing. I obviously need to think harder about replacement behaviors. I will spend some time researching replacement (nonalcoholic) drinks and healthy post dinner snacks.


Test Replacement Routines 

Plan meal plans, shopping lists and budget on Sunday.
Experiment with alternative snacks for after dinner. Maybe home aid ice pops or teas.