eat to support my perimenopause

Due Date: 01.01.24

Priority: High

Success =

i need to get used to bringing my own food to work

i need to get used to batch cooking at home

i need to get used to finding common ground with the kids on healthy food

i need to get used to having a store of healthy snacks



because if i dont build good habits my symptoms will be impacted

because food is pleasure but junk is like a one night stand

because life is too short to hate your reflection

because i need to model good eating habits for my kids and its not too late

because food waste is obscene

because a healthy diet will reduce the impact of my work life

Step 1:

speak to the kids and get some common ground for dishes/veg/mealtimes (7 x breakfast, lunch and dinner)
find recipes that can be batch cooked (in a slow cooker?)
work out some good lunches that are both a pleasure and healthy

Step 2:

go onto my next job taking breakfast and lunches with me
start the family eating at the table again
get the kids involved in cooking with me

Step 3:

get a list of new recipes to try
entertain once a week