reduce the amount of processed food i eat

Due Date: 01/10/21

Priority: High

Success =

i want to reduce the processed food i eat down to Pizza on a friday night

I want to increase my fruit and veg intake and reduce the amount of fake meat I eat without sacrificing protein

I want to cook from scratch but eat twice from one dish

I want to waste less food



because I want to sort my weight and health out and go into my 50s like a Queen

because eating well aligns with my spiritual and ethical codes

because I need fuel for work

because all sorts of nonesense is hidden in processed food

because i always make shitty choices on the hop or when I’m lazy

Step 1:

work out what meals i need to cover and what time i have to prepare food

Step 2:

find dishes which fit with step 1 where i can reduce cooking/preparation time

Step 3:

Find a quick and motivating excercise regime and see how it can work with work.