lose weight, Increase Flexibility, Strengthen my body

Due Date: 03/23/2020, 12/12/2020, 12/12/2020

Priority: High, Normal

Success =

Who: I

What: will fast for two weeks drinking only RealKetones. After that I will eat veganly.

Where:I will do this at home and at work

When:I will do this for 14 days, 2 weeks (01/06-01/20), Who: Me
What: Stretch for an hour
Where: at home
When: in the morning, Who Me
What Exercise to build strength and endurance
WhereIn the gym and running around the neighborhood
When: train 3 times a week



To feel healthier. Lighter and able to move more freely in my body. To feel sexy and desirable., I’m doing this because I believe it will connect me with my body and muscles in a way that acknowledges them. I also believe there is a strength in Flexibility that isn’t as obvious as strong muscles. I want to make sure my body is strong enough to handle all the stress I put it through., I love my body. I love pushing myself and being the best version of myself.

Step 1:

Fast for 14 days. Resist in order to reprogram., Wake up early

Step 2:

Once Step 1 is complete then I will move onto eating healthy vegan diet., Stretch for an hour

Step 3:

Record Progress weekly