Start to become the Spinning Vixen!

Due Date: 09/01/2019

Priority: High

Success =

The Spinning Vixen embodies the skills I want to learn – she’s flexible, strong and badass on a pole/silks/hoop! By the same token, she’s classy, graceful, a 1950’s pin-up.



I’m excited about what’s happening now I’m challenging myself, and I really want to see what my body and mind are capable of! This goal should also lend itself to being generally healthy, feeling confident, and may even provide me a means of income. Plus, it’s a passion I can pursue when I’m on my own so I no longer have to feel lost and helpless when I haven’t got people around to prop up my mood.

Step 1:

Build up the habit of flexibility/strength training, aiming for 4 sessions/week.

Step 2:

Take care of my body so it’s in the best shape possible to take on the training – SLEEP, eat well and DRINK LOADS!

Step 3:

Find some means of building knowledge of the subject. Keep an eye out for someone who might be able to coach me.